Well, first off, pardon this post in its entirety. I can barely type due to the searing pain in my right hand. You see, yesterday I became rather passionate about something I was discussing and punched something very hard. The hand is swollen to nearly twice its size, and I can only use the thumb and forefinger, making capitol letters a very clumsy, time consuming affair. The backspace button is also an object of my disdain today… even typing this now is causing enough pain in my hand to give me a headache ‘to boot’. I would normally just forgo writing at all, but since my job requires much typing I’m already in enough paid-by-the-hour pain that this little post won’t make too much difference in my quality of living for the day.

What’s really amusing, however, is watching me try to write with a pen. It took me no less than three full minutes and loads of agony to write a client’s name on a note…

Suffice to say, ow. I can heartily suggest now that people would be happier to not punch inanimate objects, as the results are decidedly negative.


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