do you care for children?

My cubicle neighbor asks this of people all the time.  And it’s funny, because she is asking this of people who provide care (some call it daycare) for children.  So asking them if they care for children may be an instance of too-much-information.  One of these days an honest provider may just say, quite frankly, “No, but it pays the bills.”

On a heavier note; what’s up with Sudden Infant Death Syndrome?  Seriously.  It never dawned on me what a real possibility it is until I learned that the state of MN requires childcare providers to take a class on it, then watch a video once a year to become and stay licensed, respectively.  Those poor childcare workers.  Hearing class attendees being warned that the authorities will come to question you, etc.  That would be really terrifying to be watching over napping infants, only to find one dead by the time the infants parents arrive to pick it up and bring home.  How absolutely terrible.

It’s never ok to shake a baby.


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