lunches from my sweetheart the drunk

So, as previously mentioned, my girlfriend got blitzed and made food at 3am in a frenzy of culinary performance art.  I finally had the chance to taste the meal for which our kitchen was destroyed.

I must admit, I expected it to be terrible… a labor of love, if you will.  Somehow, in her innebriated glory, A. managed to pull off a tasty meal; I will now try to guess how it was made and from what.

I believe this meal was prepared in three pans.  One in which peeled potatos sat sizzling in butter, another where cauliflower was sauteed (Also, I presume, in butter as it was as rich as the potatos), and a third where rice, after cooking in the rice cooker, was presumably oiled, semi-fried and seasoned.  Either that, or the rice was simply added to another pan when it was time for mixing.  The seasonings to me seemed to be something along the lines of Basil and “Cajun” mixed.  The flecks of orange were originally thought to be our oft used and beloved cayenne, but alas, with as much orange as was visible, it was not spicy enough to be.  This will probably be my first error.  It had the slightest hint of indian food which made me think curry, but if it was used it was slight.

Over all it was a very satisfying mix of three things I like prepared by a loving drunk woman.  I would eat it again, with a little salt or hot sauce, perhaps.  Soy maybe?

Thanks A.  I will try to have the dishes done before you get home 😉


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