in over my head

I’m quickly realizing that my desire to demonstrate my promotability at work is possibly going to kill me.

Ok, my death is a rather exaggerative literal result to put forth, but let us agree then on saying that I may very well be so far in over my head that a state of panic and dismay could foreseeably (is that a word?) become my state of normalcy. I can’t even blog properly knowing that I’m just pulling myself away from a frustratingly complicated project I had no real business taking on. I don’t know ANYTHING about database query building, the internals of our finance department, or acquiring funds from the state and/or counties to pay for a program that would drastically improve the way childcare providers are tracked in Minnesota. Somehow I’ve found myself with the reigns to all three horses, and being asked to ride them all at once.

Hopefully I have all of this under control before classes start. I’m not taking incredibly difficult classes, but I shoot for A’s and get them, so it’s a question of energy, really. It’s a good thing I’ve trained myself to eat more. If I can fix the insomnia I should be good to go.


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