bcc: all (and the dangers thereof)

I just got done sending an email to ‘all’ via blind carbon copy.  It read thusly:

If you are receiving this email, it’s because at some point in time we exchanged emails and that dumped you into my contact list!  I may not even know you!  Yay!

I call a Town Hall Meeting, via email.

I have several things I would like to get off my chest:

1.)  I ain’t no holla-back girl.
2.)  There is a point in every person’s life when it is no longer cool to yell out of car windows at people.  I hope everyone receiving this email has hit that point.
3.)  April hates children so don’t expect us to have any.
4.)  It’s actually never cool to yell out of car windows at people.  I hope everyone receiving this email knocks it off.
5.)  It’s also never cool to throw fists full of change at someone’s face.  That hurts.
6.)  Beans are a fantastic and necessary addition to your daily diet.   Please add them to your breakfast, lunch or dinner.  they blend famously with beef, rice, eggs, even some salads.  They are highly nutritious and affordable!
7.)  Working in a non-profit environment is not for everyone.  I’m finding it’s only for about half of me.  The other half of me wants to open a bottle of wine and read ‘The Notion of A Priori’.
8.)  I broke my hand and didn’t cry.  I am clearly not to be trifled with.
9.)  the liars paradox can be solved  (or dissolved) by means of separating the individual linguistic elements and assigning them creative or destructive value (in other words pos. and neg.).
10. Last, but certainly not least: If you have a belief, please do not assert it as fact to others, or relay to them that disagreeing is only by their ignorance.  This type of behaviour has led and continues to lead to the destruction of a lot of things and people that need not be destroyed.

Have a pleasant day, and if you know me, you are invited over this Saturday.  Respond for the address.


Magic Thunderblow, Lord of DPS (to be resumed this fall.)

I know there are people receiving that email who will thoroughly enjoy it, others may take issue with some items, others still may wonder why the kid who emailed them with ebay auction questions is sending them such an odd correspondence.

I eagerly await the reaction(s).


1 Response to “bcc: all (and the dangers thereof)”

  1. 1 imnotme
    August 16, 2008 at 3:04 am

    Follow up:

    My Aunt wrote me an apology email after reading this email. I guess she thought that item 10 was directed at my family. “It isn’t” I lied.

    My uncle was thoroughly perplexed. I didn’t get any “who are yous” but at the bar the other night people were quoting their favorite items. I do like when people read what I write.

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