Sad. Solemn. Sober.

So many S words to describe this morning. Two of my dearest friends have now skipped town for school or love, in one case both. I was about to be walking distance neighbors in a great area with one of them… too bad. the going away party last night was disappointingly unceremonious. There was feeling in the goodbye hug but not enough grief. I find it naive when people move away and shrug it off with musings of future visits. Sure, they will come visit, that’s not disputed, but the friendship… well, we’ll just visit that too I suppose.

I don’t want to visit my life. A rug was pulled out from under me last night, but not in the fun way where things are rearranged and put back in a new exciting order. Not something new to keep me alert. Connected. This rug was the kind that keeps your feet from touching the cold floor. Now that it’s gone I have to accept that feeling and find the strength to walk cold footed through my life without losing my sense of trust and security.

Of course, this blog was a two parter.


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