and then there were none

There are quite a few things I should be doing right now. There is work to do. This blog is not listed in my job description. Yet, lots of people have there distractions. Some take longer lunch breaks, others have nearly hour long conversations about anything not related to the job; I have this blog. Of course, I am working in between thoughts, so I don’t feel all that bad about it.

This weekend we celebrated A’s birthday. More people attended than we expected, and the party was rather enjoyable. I got to meet some friends I might otherwise not and most people mingled and got on well. The evening started around 6 or so and lasted until roughly 4am though the details are decidedly hazy. We had meats and non-meats to grill, a mediterranean inspired ours douvre, lots of beer and some tequila. I’m pleased with our offerings and hosting as we are not regularly able to afford such an affair.

We played Apples to Apples, I won. Afterward a few fringe-friends went on their way leaving a more intimate group that proceeded to get increasingly beered. We sat smoking and laughing on the porch. One of the new people I met was a guest of A’s friend we’ll call E. Since I was being offered a fresh mind to dig way too uncomfortably far into, ‘counselor bear’ couldn’t deny himself the impulse. It’s like a campsite to him. So I grilled him on various aspects and coigns of vantage within his psyche until everyone decided it was time to bow to our drunkenness and end the evening. My older brother seemed torn between home and the party as he left, came back, left again, and again returned. I’m going to guess it’s due to his recent breakup. The neighbors who collect and sell aluminum cans for more beer money are going to love tomorrow’s donation. That’s 96 cans if I’m thinking correctly. we had enough beer to get everyone drunk but not obnoxiously so. I don’t remember some people leaving; I can’t connect enough dots to form a clear picture, but that’s typical of an evening of drinking. A. seemed to have a good time, and while it may not have been as kick ass as her famed 22nd birthday party I hope she enjoyed it, and I know we pulled it off well.

The apartment is a disaster area, and instead of cleaning it up yesterday we made “blankie bed” in the living room and had a Six Feet Under marathon, allowing ourselves to smoke indoors for the afternoon. We stayed there all day eating and drinking the party leftovers and wound up having a slumber party.

didn’t even have to use my A/K.  I gotta say it was a good day.


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