detox camping

A. and I have decided to take a camping trip to help with our efforts to detox. I’ve been drinking enough alcohol every night for the last year and a half to where my circulation is bad. My feet are hot and vaguely hurt all day, and I shake all the time. I fatigue way too easily even though I’m no wuss on moving day.

So a camping we will go. We’ll take advantage of the three day weekend, because being at home is what really kills our detox efforts. It’s just way too much fun to hang out on the porch and toss a few back, unfortunately, as tolerances shot up, so did the consumption along with our cost of living. combined with a decrease in quality of health… it’s just not worth it mate.

Of course, anyone that knows me is thinking, sure J. you’ll buy a case of beer the day you get back.

Yeah, probably. But stranger things than me quitting drinking have happened.


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