ah, the pain of being wrong

It’s like taking a nice long bath in your own bile.

A: yeah, it’s a little messed up how opposite your stories are

Because one of you would have to be fabricating something
me: I’m not staunch on my version
it’s like I said
A: That’s that part that bugs me
me: flashes that got put together
A: Cuz it sure sounded like you were, when we talked about it
10:55 AM me: well that’s what I believed
A: Yeah, I know all that. Either way you should just talk to her
it’ll be all good
me: I feel like it needs to be in person
over the phone I can’t tell if I’m being manipulated
A: well then so be it
call her and set something up
10:56 AM get it over with
everyone will be happy
me: we don’t have an open relationship btw
10:57 AM A: uh, I know that
thanks for… reminding me?
me: I thought you were trying to get back at me last night because I was making it known out loud to you that I did not commission you to molest the hell out of my friend and that if I thought it would be hot I’d let you know
you totally ignored me
A: I don’t even know how to explain that away, because I was tanked.
me: well….
A: which isn’t an excuse, I know
10:58 AM me: right
we’re on the same page then?
A: I won’t even try to deny that I probably was feeling like I needed to “get back at you.” It wouldn’t have happened otherwise, or even crossed my mind
yes, we’re on the same page
me: k
10:59 AM I’m sorry for getting drunk and having sex with your friend. this is a new apology and I mean it. It was unacceptable.
A: Thank you.
I need a nap before I go to work. I’ll be back later.
11:00 AM And, I’m sorry for molesting your friend.
me: thank you
have a good nap baby
You see, it turns out my memory of the indiscretion was not only fallible but possibly not at all correct. I had blacked out drunk at least two hours before it happened, however, and honestly trusted the few ‘flashes’ of memory I had and my interpretation of them to be correct. Also, knowing myself and the other girl involved, it seemed entirely plausible, possibly expected, that she would initiate such activity. Well, her memory contradicts mine, which leaves me helpless but to plead the drunkth. As was discussed in the above chat.

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