come to think of it

The last thing the world needs is one more “there are two kinds of people in the world” sentiments.  However, there really are, and I am generally apt to provide the last thing someone needs on any given day.  Often these sentiments are offered as a comic device, sometimes they are insights into a oft repeated stupidity, and others yet simply serve to criticize.  My sentiment, is none of these.

There really are two, precisely, two kinds of people: those who think before they act, and those who act.

This sounds rather ‘der’, no?  As a generalized concept it is.  Specificity lends a new light, however, and yields a much funnier stupidity/normalcy to it.  Now, consider a new-hire at some company, any company.  Let’s say you work in one area and the new-hire is in another.  You will never have any reason to interact with this person but you hear that they are gorgeous so you go introduce yourself anyway.  You are in the latter category.  Someone who thinks first will at least know they’re being a tool before walking over to shake hands, or abort the mission entirely.

That example explains the worthless side of inconsiderate action.  Yet, as is the case with any point I would make, there is another side that is quite good.  People who act make things happen.  People who think first do not.  Some times it is better to think, but sometimes things just need to be done.

Recognizing the difference can be, to each type independently, impossible.

“The revolution is upon us!  Take up your arms and join the fight!”

-well… are we right?  If we are would we win?  Is this really the best solution?

See what I am getting at?  We need both.  I just have an easier time criticizing people who do not think.


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