sex hair

I like my sex hair, but unlike A. I cannot wear mine to the office (let alone shoulder-bearing-bra-strap-displaying-falling-apart-tshirts… pbtpbtpbtpbt).  It’s too bad really, because my sex hair isn’t sexy, that’s not the point.  I don’t want to go to my job looking all hot or anything, that would be weird, cuz, it’s my job.  I just happened to have had really cute sex hair this morning that I wish I could have let be.  That’s all.  Besides, sex hair is superior to manually styled hair.  It can look anywhere from disheveled hotness to full on tentacled madness and it’s still good looking for some reason.  A. has really great sex hair.  I mean, in general, but yes, today as well.  It will look way different by the time I see her later though because I left way before her today, which brings me to my next post…


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