I am rather puzzled at one aspect of my job today. I have been consistently told that we are to enhance our image/role/visibility in the community by any means available. Our motto claims that we are raising the standards of our field. There are countless reasons why the following response: “Like I said, it was nice to do, but we cannot do this. Time, money but most of all policy of visiting providers directly. So in the future, please do not make the visits. Thanks.”, was so underwhelming, but the ultimate kick was how there was no inquiry made by the speaker of this quote as to the nature of my decision to execute this one breach of bureaucracy.  Let me break it down. has me rather baffled.

Time: 30 minutes, all off the clock.

Money: $4 in mileage reimbursement, which I would not have requested were it not a sort of emergency.

Policy…. here’s where I get confused V2.1. How is it possible that this is against policy? I will gladly give back the $4, but I would really like to understand how my personal visits (which have been received fondly and reflected well on the character of this organization) could in any way be a matter of policy. I tried for days to reach a provider by phone to notify them of a change of address for an important function to no avail. The phone number for the client we had listed was wrong and there were no listings in the white pages. I knew that I would not be able to mail anything to them in time, so after work that night I drove to the client’s house and provided them the information that would lead them to the correct location; where they would not show up to an empty parking lot, where they would not panic and worry they had the wrong night, where they would receive what they needed to keep their job.

Somehow. This. Is. Not. In. Accordance. With. Policy.

Employers that prefer the ease of trained drones over the challenge of apt, conscientious and innovative staff are always the ones who have have grown too big for their britches.  They are the ones where someone at the top is raking in some unconscionable figure per year and operates mainly out of fear of losing that wealth; this is usually to the detriment of the infrastructure of the company and its ability to operate efficiently.  Anyone who has more than their neighbor is comfortable for a time, but soon becomes obsessed with short sighted, material goals that wind up bankrupting them, such as weak mortgages, too-high car payments when you could have accepted the status blow and bought the car within your budget (for me, it’s audio equipment), etc, etc.  Whatever it is that fuels the need for excess, society is being eaten away by it, and getting that particular message out there in 2010 should not be a difficult thing, so the challenge is to figure out why it is.  Is it a lack of people speaking up?  Or is it an overabundance of people quite purposefully cutting off our air?


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