sex concepts

I have had my eyes opened wide by people in my past to the subtle ways that children, well, teenagers, are pointed toward certain perceptions of life through an extended cultural metaphor. Mainly, cocks.

It wasn’t until quite recently that sex-ed text books replaced the phrase “the sperm penetrates the egg” with “the sperm and egg unite”. I would have never caught that without having it pointed out to me. Now it seems I can’t so much as look down the street and notice some lingering aspect of male dominance… penetration. Even now in college I have a class on human sexuality, which is for the most part sex/gender neutral, but I caught a slip that I just couldn’t ignore. For whatever reason, the chapter was describing oral sex, particularly fellatio. In its description the authors described it as penetration. While, one could certainly argue that as anything that enters an enclosed space has penetrated it, there is a conceptual schism here as it pertains to the function of the mouth. I do not penetrate my mouth as I eat. No more would I feel orally penetrated by a dentist. Is it because it’s a penis in there that it’s suddenly penetrating? OR… and this is a big nasty, telling or: DID THE FUCKING AUTHORS OF THE FUCKING TEXT BOOK ACCIDENTALLY GIVE AWAY THE FACT THAT THEY VIEW MEN AS NOT RECEIVING ORAL STIMULATION BUT FUCKING ANOTHER PERSONS FACE!?

Hmph. I think I’ve made my case. And my sincere pity to any man or woman who has had to deal with Cocky McThrusterton, unless you are into that…

I am going to make a big stink about this in class. Also, the section about fellatio is four paragraphs long. The section on cunnilingus: two. Why the disparage? Because the section on fellatio is half information, and half INSTRUCTION ON HOW NOT TO GAG WHEN YOU’RE GETTING YOUR FACE FUCKED!

What the fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ?


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