i shouldn’t be showing you this…

But I just can’t help it.

Puppy: what did you get?

8:54 PM me: the same
and a bunch f snacky foods
8:55 PM Puppy: oh yay! What kinds?
8:56 PM Puppy: ok 🙂
sweetie pie
19 more minutes till I’m FREE!
too bad that when you’re free you’ll still be smelly and annoying!
8:57 PM Puppy: 😦
me: awwwww
I didn’t mean it puppy
Puppy: growl
me: you can snuggle on the couch all you want
and I’ll scratch your belly
Puppy: ARF! ARF! ARF!
8:58 PM me: because you are such a good and loving little snuggle puppy
and I love having you around
9:01 PM Puppy: 😀
tail wag
9:02 PM me: your puppy chat devices melt my giant bear heart
Puppy: aww, really?
I was afraid they were lame 🙂
me: not at all
cuz I can see them all, the tail wag, I can hear the ARF, the Growl, whimper
Puppy: awww
9:03 PM me: it’s all frightenningly real to me
I have bear devices too. I just use them more in person than chat. I have the stomp. The waver back-and-forth holding out my paws maneuver which means “I want” about whatever I am looking at at the time. I have the “show my size” as in, those assholes better stop talking in the movie theater or I’ll show my size. Also, there is the ultimate sign of affection that is never to be used but when it is truly meant, “the paw” which consists of gently yet firmly placing a half-fist on the shoulder or near the heart. This is something that should only be done to the person you are to marry, and sparingly even then. There are other bear devices, but I’ll spare you for now.

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