how i neglect thee

Well, since starting school again and re-launching DPS to great success I have not really been posting here. Also, work is way to busy as of late to sneak off for any amount of time and blog. So, to the readers who had come to checking in daily, I not so much as apologize, as shrug apologetically. However, I have some updates on the more boring side of my life. I realize nobody wants to read about peaceful, happy cohabitation. One would much rather read about putting holes in doors and getting drunk to the point of calling your girlfriend an asshole for no reason whatsoever. Unfortunately, I have no shenanigans to report.

This weekend we spent $900 on the apartment. The purchases consisted of deluxe spatulas, a new DVD player for the living room so we could have the crappy one in the bedroom (we only watch TV on DVD). A vacuum, which is very small and cute, and A. looks adorable using it. A new printer that will come in handy for school since proof reading is MUCH easier on paper. Deluxe cooking oils for various dishes and uses, rounded out the spice rack, stuffed the pantry and refrigerator with food. We also got a bunch of candles, rugs, and some clothing items. It now feels like a real home here.

Then, when we got home we rearranged the apartment so that the biggest bedroom is now a combination art/recording studio. We moved our sleeping dilemma into the smaller bedroom and it’s super cozy. So, everything is fucking splendid. Now I’m off to buy more q-tips.



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