student loans, god bless ’em

I am sitting here enjoying $99 worth of my student loans in the form of some professional grade Sennheiser headphones and… hot damn it sounds good to be in school.  


Not to mention the other goodies.  Only problem with really nice headphones is that sometimes they show you things you didn’t want to hear.  For example, put on your favorite 80’s pop track and gasp at hearing gates and compressors switching on and off.  It can be painful.  


So far, in my academic career my student loans have afforded me: a new computer capable of recording music and playing 3D games, a laptop(RIP), roughly $600 worth of wine (that;s a modest estimate), a wicked external hard drive, an $800 88-key fully weighted Yamaha YPG-635 keyboard, a new pencil mic, a Lexicon Lambda, teh headphones on my head, a few car payments, rugs, candles, loads of books and ass loads of DVDs, some of which I no longer own thanks to a spawn of satan I once knew.


When it comes time to repay them I will be landing a career that will be easily able to handle it.  Of course, A. could be published by then, so no worries either way.  


All I really want of life is the chance to be creative.  Thanks to student loans, my chances are increasing.


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