body smells

I’m obsessed with them, if they’re mine.  If they’re yours (unless you’re A) keep them to yourself.  I like the smell of my own armpits, whatever it is that collects under my fingernails, my own farts, and yes, if my fingers smell like crotch I will smell them all day long.  

Maybe saying that I like these smells is going too far.  I can agree that they are probably ‘gross’ in some capacity, it they weren’t I wouldn’t be so anti smelling others, but I am simply compelled beyond animal instinct to smell my body and its many amazing odors.  

You’re welcome.


1 Response to “body smells”

  1. August 19, 2010 at 3:47 pm

    I love how you wrote this. Full of great info for readers around the world. If you don’t mind, I would like to add to this! First, I love my own body smells as well as you do! The body is a great thing!!!!
    This is one of many things that is wrong with the ever advancing world when it comes to attracting others. Deoderents, perfumes, oder covers that destroy the natural human pheromones that are ment to attract! Now, with the shaving fad crossing the world in a hurry, this is starting to destroy the way people smell. You can even do a test on your self or your better half. Shave one armpit, and don’t shave the other one for atleast 4 weeks. Once you have reached some nice growth of hair on the one armpit, wash all deoderent off both of them really well. bath daily with a nice soap that does not have a lot of perfumes in them. After doing this for 2 days, all deodernt should be off your armpits very well. Now, you will like your own smell, if you get past the thought of smelling bad, or dirty. but wich one will you like? You will like the one with the hair. You see, the hair is there to collect and become moist to help you keep cool. It also collect the pheromones that your body produces. The shaved armpit will smell bad to you because you are smelling spoiled sweet. The same does go for the pubic area and legs as well. Pheromones are a great and powerfull part of the body! It can truly be used to help you find out if you truly are ment for the one you are with, or want to be with. I hope you enjoyed my little add to your journal
    hugs and kisses to all the fellow pheromone lovers in the world
    your hairy mistress

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