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naughty game for two

I recently got up the nerve to make a trip to a local consumer friendly sex shop.  if you are from the minneapolis area you would be glad to know The Smitten Kitten sells only non-toxic, chemically-safe toys, oils, etc.  the staff are courteous and highly knowledgeable about their products though on my specific trip I did pull the “just browsing” maneuver to ease my own shyness.  after about an hour and a half I had finally decided on a few things, however, one of them in particular has been a rave success.  


it’s a game called Discover Your Lover and can be purchased in the Smitten Kitten or elsewhere online (although Smitten does sell most of its toys, etc., online as well).  


I don’t know where to begin.  My first impression was that it was going to be a trivia game until I flipped the box over and read on the back that there would be “tasks.”  hmmm, I thought, just how comfortable am I with having a game tell me what to do to my partner?  anyway, on a whim I dropped the cash for it and the other elicit items and went on my discreetly plain white packaged way.  i left the bag in the livingroom as a surprise for A. who I suspected would be more than welcoming of the new additions to our bedroom (score!) and waited for her to come home.  the reaction was perfect as I watched her in both embarrassment and obvious thrill open and investigate each item.  the first thing we explored was the game.  we set up the cards and timers, and puzzled over how the thing is actually played.  it turns out that the game is easy enough to play once you use common sense as to who is asking who what question on what turn and responsible for what task (really, it shouldn’t have been as confusing as it was, I blame the red wine).  


then, the moment of truth, the first dice roll.  A. gets a two and lands on an “Intimate Question.”  You see, there are three different types of questions in the game: easy general sex questions, difficult general sex questions, and Intimate Questions which are directly specific to you and your partner (this is the part of the game that I recommend only to solid couples who have a high level of trust and security established).  the intimate questions are fun because they can stand to really put you on the line by either having to confess something, or by not knowing the answer to a question about your partner.  they run the gamut from cheesy/easy to inventive and eye opening.  

after a few turns you begin to hit the task spots on the board.  we both looked on nervously as I drew the first one (they start out easy) “in 30 seconds tell your partner why you love them” sounds lame right?  WRONG.  30 seconds is not a lot of time, and your partner decides if you pass, so if you half ass it your mast is blast! ? … !?  no, really though, the game was well though out.  after a few more turns answering questions and performing easy tasks–that generally did not require the removal of clothing–we hit the mediums.  These ranged anywhere from “make out with your partner for a minimum of 180 seconds (there are timers), if either party loses interest you lose” to “take off your partner’s underwear with your teeth.”  now, i’m leaving a bunch out but only because, well, that’s just private, but it gets hotter and heavier than i could really even do justice to.  well, ok, for example; in the process of playing the first time we discovered that A. has a new place to stimulate, masturbating with a blindfold on is very difficult, and it sucks to have the time run out on certain tasks 😉  get the picture?  good.  oh, also, shower beforehand.  tmi?  lol.     

i bought this game a couple of weeks ago and we’ve played three times.  though rewarding, it is also very intense and therefore taxing, and we’ve reserved it for special times.  each time has been a unique experience in its own way and i dare say, i didn’t buy this game because our sex life was lacking, i bought it for fun.  the result is that now our sex life is even less not lacking than before.  a simple old fashioned non-digital game made by strangers can really bring you closer.  

you know, writing about it just makes me want to play it.  or maybe the quiche i just made is an accidental aphrodisiac.  i am good in the kitchen…


I’m back

I disappeared for a second there, though I see readership hasn’t gone down too much, so I ‘m glad people are still enjoying past entries.

If you’re wondering what’s taking up my time it’s this:

I am writing, recording, and posting a new song every day this month, though, I did miss November 8th due in large part to a game that I will post about later.  Participants can miss up to two days without being disqualified so I am fine.  Go check out the songs already posted on myspace and if you’d like your own copy I am thinking of a cheap way to acommodate that.

Also, A. is participating in NaNoWrimo this year, I am not sure if she is posting excerpts on choreograpohedcacophonies or not, but I’m sure she would if requested.

Anyhow, I am going to be adding some interesting posts later today and throughout the week with updates and news and, of course, things most other people don’t talk about openly in true imnotme style.

Stay tuned!

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