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gonna be a daddy some other time

well, sadly, the pregnancy did not stick.  all my daddy insticts and itchings will just have to wait.  though, I suppose the silver lining on this grey cloud is that next time there will be in place more of the practical considerations often necessary to rear one’s young.  

so… pass the wine bottle.


gonna be a daddy

A. and I took the plunge, pun intended.

I am ecstatic, to say the least. Also, we now work in the same office, so every time I see her walking by, or walk by her, I get butterflies in my stomach. To think she’s the girl I had a crush on nearly three years ago, and then to have our unrequited crushes mutually manifest at the same time and lead to this… it’s amazing.

So, plans are to get out of this less than fortunate apartment we thought we’d love so much and find a nice, family friendly environment in which to birth and raise a child. We’re hoping for a girl first, so if it’s a boy we’ll name it Sue.

In a lot of ways this marks the end of a saga. Debaucherous you may call it, adventurous, silly, scandalous, or any suitable title for this summer, it’s over, and honestly: it’s time. I gladly cross this threshold into sobriety and parenthood. In fact, I do it with wild enthusiasm.