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For the duration of this post I am declaring my blog an emotion free zone.  This is because the idea of suicide is generally met with an automatic and severe emotional response, which I have been thinking about since the recent news of two entire families dying of apparent “murder-suicide” events in which the husband takes out his wife and children, and finally himself.

Most people are reacting to this in horror, as is well warranted I suppose.  However, I question the typical connotations surrounding an individual’s decision to… be done, as it were.  The recent events I am talking about are not proven to be what I am terming economicide, which could be classified as a family’s failure to make ends meet, with little hope for the future, and the desire to be free of such a huge burden.  But they seem to be.  Furthermore, this desire to be free of such burdens conflicts with the desire to remain a family, ultimately leading to the conclusion that you could all be together in death.

Now, to be clear, I don’t personally see myself as able to turn a gun on my own children, but it’s important, I think, when it comes to humans, to leave an exception for every possiblity.  So, let’s take this from the ant farm perspective:

what is so upsetting and wrong about suicide?  Why does it send a resounding bolt of fear throughout all fragments of society?  True, upon hearing of the suicide of any person I know I immediately feel shocked, sad… but for what?  Someone wasn’t having a good go at it and decided to call it a day.  Sometimes trying to finish a marathon can kill you in the process, but then it’s declared valorous.

Objectively, if a person finds this existence to be either too painful or too tedious, shouldn’t they have the right to snuff it?

I think so.  I’d like to think that I could hasten my own exit without devastating my friends and family emotionally, but maybe that leads us to my final thought: the art of suicide-noting.  If properly executed, I think the suicide note could be the perfect thing to take the edge off the situation. If I were to convincingly and accurately state my case for leaving, all the while making it perfectly clear that my departure was not in sadness, necessarily, or that a lingering sadness would just be unfit for the situation, shouldn’t that be enough to say “ok, he knew what he was doing, made a clear decision and acted upon.”

No, somehow it doesn’t flush.

But anyway, food for thought.


Up and not in the jar, right?

That’s right analyst.  If it were not in the jar, not in the jar, that is, then up would not be down.  Therefore; it is not in the jar.  So it is up?


Yes, clownhole.  It is up and not, definitely fucking NOT, in that wretched, venomous, ascorbic and lecherous jar.  


No, you are the spazz, downtime.  AND, I might add, you are the 8th downer tonight!  How’s that for suspension of the time you lost wishing you weren’t sitting wondering about how much time you’ve lost!


Fuck!  Get on me!

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