So, I hardly remember writing the post I made last night, but I must say… damn.  I feel like I taught myself something that I’m still learning.  Which brings me to nakedness.  I quoted Thoreau in my last post in regards to clothing, and it wasn’t until I reread the post in its entirety that I fully understood why I had.

Technology as I am referring to it here is akin to clothing in the following sense: that technology necessarily manipulates nature to an effect.

With this definition, and I believe it is a reasonable one, we can promptly draw a line between nature and creativity.  It is almost as though our one natural human gift (creativity) is also possibly our foreseeable demise, for with creativity comes manipulation, and manipulation always compromises that which has been changed.  Therefore, we are destroying the earth because our creativity has lead us to manipulate nature (via industrial uses of wood, livestock herding and agriculture, among others) to attain a perceived value, but it has always been a wasteful pursuit that has introduced to us the most complex pyramid scheme ever conceived of.

The same applies, I think, to “true” nudism.  I can see it now, as I have never seen it before, as a regression to uncomplicated interaction.  Let’s remove the artifacts of our achievements and just be naked humans who display outwardly nothing more than our own bodies, and let our discourse and cooperation make our bond.


2 Responses to “nudism”

  1. 1 imnotme
    July 2, 2009 at 10:16 pm

    I didn’t mean for that to sound like a proclamation to the masses to get undressed. It’s very circular logic but don’t worry, I have checked it and it comes out uneven every time, so it’s all good.

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