imnotme:  ?

friend:  just venting.

imnotme:  I certainly didn’t think you were dictating an orgasm to me via text.

friend:  long story. short: 1 and 2 don’t mix, I get to be in the middle.

imnotme:  oh, nm my reply then.

friend:  yeah… deets are not important here.

imnotme:  virtue be your guide

friend:  Unfortunately. Why? Why does my fucked up background give me such zen strength?

imnotme:  It’s you man, you sought truth young

friend:  I really did.  I remember hearing how intense I was from adults since I was ten.

imnotme:  a little hedonism goes a long way, give it a try

friend:  but then all will be dead.

imnotme:  Drowned in your semen?

friend:  hahahahahahahahahha… uh, I guess.

imnotme:  Just love yourself and prove it with your actions

friend:  That seems hard.

imnotme:  I will weep for you then

friend:  As you should.


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