blogging – cancer link confirmed

In a report never published due to legal blockades erected by wordpress.org, 80% of cancer patients who were known bloggers recovered when taken off-line.  These findings were then analyzed and confirmed by the firm Hobbler, Kejabs and Rice who also noted that the patients who did not recover may have been doomed by their “mental blogging,” indicating that even the drive to blog could be potentially fatal. 

Dr. Ayun Furl of the University of Minnesota’s analytical chemistry department, who was involved with the study, says the evidence is scientific and wholly trustworthy. 

“It was perhaps the most objective and thorough study conducted in the history of science.”  He stated in an interview late this July.  “400 bloggers of various genres and levels of readership who had developed brain tumors were kept in an isolated community, no computers allowed.  We let them read as much classic literature and non-fiction as they cared, but they were not allowed to journal or compose any string of words in first person.”

The suppressed report clearly details what appears to be a rapid and full recovery, in some cases only two weeks after the ability to blog had been taken away.  Friends and relatives of the bloggers who were unaware of the cancer or the program indicated that they noticed other positive changes in their loved ones, such as improved discussion habits, decreased pickyness, and a sharp decline in whining.


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