Let’s have the next era, shall we?

A woman recently said, in my presence “All of these modern characters are so pathetic.” (referring to the current-era masculine gender norms)  I want to give you time with that before continuing.  Because the context is irrelevant, it’s the generational perception of the archetypal citizen of a given, let’s say, decade, that is really at play here.  Somewhat like the recent top 40 radio song inquiring as to the whereabouts of ‘the cowboys,’ this sentiment outlines a buddhist perspective that I feel is very relevant for our modern characters.  There is a perspective within buddhism that suggests our reality is not so much linear, but “dependently co-arisen,” or, if you will allow me to butcher eastern thought with my western conception of it: we are walking as we instantly come into existence.  Our path becomes as we create it.
All of these modern characters, be they laymen or politicians; literary devices or documentary subjects, are so pathetic because Rambo and Barbi wore us the hell out!
Now, it is simultaneously necessary and obsolete for me to quickly point out that I am a Generation X-er.  It is 2009 and I am 29.  No kids, no career.  Ambitions are numerous and fleeting.  Money slips through my fingers like credit card receipts getting tossed into the gas-station garbage to make the car tidier.
The reason it is necessary is because I am writing about a progressive movement that is either going to happen quite soon, or is woefully overdue or even missed outright.  The reason it is obsolete, is because I believe that it is one movement in a long, seemingly fated string of many.
There are no pioneers right now (cowboys, inventors, warlords, philosophers, “new penises”) because the riverbeds worn into the ground for us by history no longer present us with genuinely profound challenges.  I do not mean that our current global and social challenges are not profound, rather, that the issues they represent are “old hat.”  It is boring that the international global community has been so struck by ethically inept and dull-witted leadership.  It is boring and it takes too long to take over their offices.  It will be necessary for a major, and by major I mean nearly absolute, upheaval.  I know this because the reason I am writing this book, is because I know that there are millions of me out there, who just feel like they’re failing alone.  We’re all so afraid of MTV-style melodrama that we appear to be fine, but each of us would join the revolution, if it came to us.  Which is the number one problem to solve at the onset of any major revolution: who will champion it?  How can it be organized?  What will the repercussions be?  Is it arrogant to cause such an upheaval just because we are disillusioned?
I’m not going to hop on my horse just yet to announce the arrival of the Redcoats, because it’s 2009 and I have the internet.  However, am I waiting for you to start the revolution we both want, or are you waiting for me?  Tying this very quickly and awkwardly back into the buddhist perspective I believe can help us right now: you and I (us being the future revolutionaries we’re destined to become) are at an impass, which is the next nearest point to true freedom.  If we desire true freedom enough, we will both make the move eventually.  However, some of us will have to be inconvenienced at first, who is willing?

1 Response to “Let’s have the next era, shall we?”

  1. 1 April
    December 14, 2009 at 11:45 pm

    However, am I waiting for you to start the revolution we both want, or are you waiting for me?

    If we desire true freedom enough, we will both make the move eventually. However, some of us will have to be inconvenienced at first, who is willing?

    That’s the question right there. The person who is waiting for another is the one unwilling to be inconvenienced first. So, where did all the activists go? The real activists, that is. All I do is “like” my Facebook friends’ status messages that say something negative about Rush Limbaugh.

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