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Tobacco is a cunt

First-days quit-rage NSFW.


Eat shit before you freak out at me for using that word in the title. It’s not click bait but I needed your impossible to obtain attention somehow and now I have it. I have read Inga Muscio’s wonderful book and have even gifted it to other significant women in my life but anyone who thinks pejoratives are going anywhere lives up inside their ass cave and the fact is that there is no other word that possesses such immediately striking vitriol, and since I am quitting smoking I am inclined to throw that magnificently powerful word at my former master, and really, that is the general thrust of my meaning when saying the word cunt… that the subject is an oppressor that pretends to be on your side. I am not referring to ladyparts and anyways don’t be sexist because you can call a man a cunt, it’s 2015…

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