By imnotme

q: who is imnotme?

a: who cares?

q: What do the categories mean?

a: I don’t know what order they’re posted in but imnotshy is all journalish, voyeuristic human experience accounted for with a slight flair.  imnotwritingthis is the category for stories or short prose works that are basically fictional.  imnotresponsible is the category for political rants, and imnotyou is focused on philosophical concepts, tending towards interpersonal dynamics or “big picture” sort of topics.

q: You obviously don’t care about writing well or making a concise, transferable point, is that true?

a: For the most part, yes.  I write in code a lot, or, I write in .zip format.  It’s sort of up to the reader to extract all the embedded elements of any given piece of my writing.  I throw really subtle hints at a lot of different perspectives and personalities in my writing and refuse to make it any more accessible than that.  Just like my music compositions: I know what pop is and why it is good, I’m not a pop artist.

q: Are there any reasons beyond narcissism for which you publish online blog posts?

a: Absolutely.  It’s the only other reason I can think of, in fact.  I want to share unfiltered moments of my human experience in a narrative tone and focus that relays to a given reader that we are both here, stark naked together.  There is no clothing, no houses, no borders.  Those things are all temporary inventions of mankind.  The life of the mind is a genuinely challenging terrain, however, and I want to start the open exploration of all “those things we don’t say.”

q:  How does “A” feel about being mentioned, even if just by initial, in such revealing posts?

a:  “A” rather enjoys reading over our life moments from my side as I would tell it to a close friend I wasn’t married to.  I understand why.

q:  Isn’t it a little self indulgent to write fake questions from non-existent readers about yourself and your blog?

a:  Isn’t it a little self indulgent to derail a harmless gag in order to ingratiate your ego by outing what you see as a fraud?


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